Welcome! We are currently in Beta and have launched to a select few customers. We expect to launch the full version of the product along with our new website in Q4 of 2017. If your interested to be part of our beta please write to us on suprej@hubfly.com. Thank you for visiting!

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Business Productivity Apps

Productivity equals Profitability. What if we could help you achieve that? Check our intelligent Business Productivity Apps to know more

Holiday Request

SharePoint is great for Absence Management. Get access to the company-wide Holiday planner. Stay updated with the leave plans of your team and plan your holidays accordingly. A little widget that sits in your dashboard giving you a complete overview of the leaves you and your team have taken. Cancelling, amending or tracking your leave is easy now.


Financial Dashboard

May be you maintain a third party Financial Tool like Quicken, MS Money etc. to have a track of your costs, profits, revenue etc. What if we could bring in a concise view all with interactive graphs, scorecards, gauges which you can drill down further? Everything right under your SharePoint dashboard. Sounds interesting? That's what we have made it happen with our Financial Dashboard.


Project Summary

If you and your team are not clear on where you stand, you are lost. Get your current project status, with vital deadlines, milestones and immediate accomplishments via our Project Summary app. Business productivity can't get any better. SharePoint has great tools for effective project management. But why spend your time building one from scratch. Our business productivity app comes in handy to exceed your expectations.


Ideation Management

Ideation Management helps to nurture new ideas that can bring in lot of improvements to your existing process. Maintain all your organization ideas in a single place and let your team get inspired. Our Ideation Management app is a collaborative model for effectively analyzing your ideas and making the most out of it. You never have to worry about missing a striking idea.

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Looking to customize the look and feel of your dashboard at a click of a button? Choose from a number of pre-built themes to match your branding.

  • Theme one
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  • Theme three
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We have a widget for every service. Completely configurable widgets that come with an intuitive CMS.

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Free Materials

Tons of free materials to help you get accustomed with our Hubfly powered SharePoint and our business productivity apps.

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Suprej Venkat

Message From Founder

We want companies using Sharepoint and Office365 to provide their employees with the best collaborative platform that powers teamwork and automates business processes without having to worry about the technology roadmap. We will take care of constantly changing technology and keep feeding your employees with the greatest and latest that the platform provides with out affecting their day to day work.

Suprej Venkat
Founder - CEO