4 reasons how Hubfly Intranet as a Service is unique

So, what is Intranet as a Service? It is basically providing ‘Software’ as a Service’ (in this case, Intranet) what is called the SaaS model. SharePoint Intranet as a Service makes the Intranet affordable even for small businesses.

Intranet as a service

Rather than investing upfront for the resources and manpower required to build an Intranet solution, offering the same software on a services model is gaining popular. It could save a lot of upfront costs which you could wisely use for other business priorities.

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Writing with Microsoft Surface Digital ‘ink’ in Office?

You wish only if you could write with ‘ink’ in Office? No more a mere wish. Microsoft has made it possible with all pen and touch enabled devices. Now you can draw freehand annotations or highlight text with what is called ‘digital ink’. Some apps even support converting your scribbles to text or shapes. Now, it is exclusively available on Microsoft Surface devices and for those with Office 365 subscription.

To have a feel of what I mean, watch this 30 second video.

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What is Hubfly Project Summary App?

SharePoint already has lot of tools for effective project management. Gantt Charts, Scrum boards, Task assignments, Resource Allocation, Feedback tools, Out-of-the-box reports to name a few. With all these tools saving a lot of time & making workplaces productive already, how does Hubfly Project Summary App give value?

The answer lies in the simplicity of its design & the detail it gives on all ongoing projects. A project manager can have a quick view of the status of all the projects with a R A G status – Red – Amber – Green which gives a clear outline of the status of all projects in one concise view.

Hubfly Project Summary

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