Microsoft launches Mac app toolbar for Office 3651 min read

Microsoft’s Garage Team is to encourage their employees to create apps in their leisure. Now, they have come up with a new tool designed to make your

Mac office 365

Office 365 experience on Mac a lot easier. The tool was designed by interns of the Garage Team in Vancouver while working on finding a way to “add value to a person’s day”. (Great job guys & gals of Garage Team)

You get quick access to your Office 365 pinned documents via My Workspace menu bar. Not only that, you can also access OneDrive files, cloud calendar, Skype calls quickly with My Workspace. Joining a Skype meeting or RSVP to events is just a click away.

Very much like Dropbox or OneNote app, My Workspace includes a list of most recently used files. You can choose to pin the most important ones or just open those straight from the app menu. The app neatly integrates into the system tray and feels unobtrusive.

You have quick shortcut access to Office 365 settings where you can pin Microsoft Office for Mac apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc. This app is available totally free of charge here. If you are a Macintosh user having Office 365, My Workspace would be a valid addition to your arsenal.

My Workspace, helps you to be more efficient and productive on a Mac. It offers quick and convenient access to all Office 365 apps and features. If you want to manage Office 365 in your Mac with ease, look no beyond My Workspace.

Watch out the how My Workspace could add up to your Mac dashboard!


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