One stop solution for Absence Management
SharePoint is great for Absence Management. Get access to the company-wide Holiday planner. Stay updated with the vacation plans of your team and plan your holidays accordingly. A little widget that sits in your dashboard giving you a complete overview of the leaves you and that your team have taken. Cancelling, amending or tracking your leave is easy now.
Hubfly Holiday Request App is the one stop solution for absence management. When you start using it, you will probably agree how productive you can get. Absolute time saver.

Key Features

Easy Tracking

A consolidated view of all your projects in the Dashboard gives an overall view so that you focus on only those projects in the alarm zone.

  • Concise view of types of leaves (CL, SL, Corporate Holidays etc.) available, making it easy to apply at one click
  • Automated approval process makes it easy for your manager to check your leave application and decide to approve or not

More Features

Easy Tracking

Comprehensive reports of your leave data showing you clear statistics of leaves availed, leaves left and how many can be carried forward

Easy Tracking

Team Report allows you to check who are on duty and who are on leave without even leaving your desk.

Easy Tracking

Scheduling meetings, appointments or events after checking the presence of your team mates.


Go paperless. Get rid of all the paperwork involved in leave application and approval.

The entire process is automated. The App’s automated workflow gets you rid of endless mail chains and follow-ups, reminders.

Get notifications of approvals, denials right in your dashboard saving you lot of time and resources

You never have to track your leave accounts manually. The consolidated report view you get right at the leave application page comes in handy

Since every team member has access to leave status of peers, planning their own leaves or planning a task allocation becomes easy


Version 1.0
Released 19/8/2017
Languages English

This add-in requires one of the
following applications:

Sharepoint online , Office 365


This is an absence management app to assist with applying leaves. It also allows leave tracking of the team in a concise view. Other stats such as manager approvals, applied leaves of your teammates etc. are shown. Now, you can plan your leaves well in advance.

It is best suited to be used in line with Hubfly Digital Intranet. However, you can download this as a stand-alone app from Microsoft store also. As our apps are built on top of SharePoint, you might need SharePoint to use our app.

If you already use a third-party Absence Management tool, that is fine. But managing leaves well within your SharePoint dashboard eliminates the need to login to multiple applications. Also, if you require we can pull data from your existing tool and connect it to our Holiday Request app.

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