Arming employees with movable devices alone to work remotely doesn’t make a workplace digital. Much like a physical office address with work stations, a digital workplace has to be that one stop destination for an employee to access enterprise tools, information and documents needed to perform his or her job effectively through seamless communication and collaboration.

The Intranet has today evolved from a ‘One to Many’ internal communications medium to a business productivity tool. We at Hubfly believe that the Intranet has to be at the epicentre of an organization’s Digital Workplace strategy.

Hubfly gives you an ‘Evergreen Intranet’ which is synced up with all technology updates from Office 365. Your data is safe as Hubfly is SharePoint data security protocol compliant

Our ‘Plug and Play’ Intranet solution can be deployed within in a matter of hours with a simple 3 step wizard. No need to build an intranet from scratch. Add content and Go Live!

A Monthly Per User billing instead of a lump sum investment.

Seamless communications and effective collaboration leading to time and cost savings which boost workforce productivity by an estimated 20-25%.

If you are running your business using Microsoft Office 365, then Hubfly is your trusted partner to boost your organizational efficiency.

With Hubfly’s Digital Workplace, working in silos becomes a practice of the past. The power of Office 365 Communication & Collaboration tools including Skype for Business, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive all combined with Hubfly Business Productivity apps takes communication and collaboration to the next level. Finally, a revolutionary Digital Workplace that employees would love to use.

Hubfly lets your organization leverage the collaborative power of SharePoint to improve Workplace Communication (e-mail, Messaging), Collaboration at Work (Conferencing, Shared Databases), Business Automation and effective Content Management.

As a service

The Intranet Platform
Managed by Experts

Hubfly’s Intranet is a true ‘As-a-Service solution’ that combines a great user-experience, a seamless user interface that can be customized and feature rich business productivity apps. Organizations, both big and small, are empowered to take advantage of leading enterprise collaboration technologies in the shortest possible time. Adopting a per user monthly subscription model, Hubfly ensures costs are predictable and manageable, with no upfront development costs.

As per the SLA, your account will be managed by dedicated consultants, technical and support teams work with a 99.95% uptime and availability as part of your subscription to ensure your intranet is a success from conception to launch. Our team provides on-going consultation throughout the year to drive adoption. Come! Be a part of Hubfly’s revolution to make the Intranet relevant for your workforce and central to your Digital Workplace strategy.

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Deployed In Hours

Hubfly collaboration tool

Predictable costs

Hubfly collaboration tool

Managed by experts

Hubfly collaboration tool

Innovative Roadmap

Our Partnership

Welcome to the world of Dynamic Intranets!

There are many Intranet-in-a-box solutions, but what makes Hubfly’s Digital Workplace so special? Good that you asked! For starters, our Digital Workplace is deployed on SharePoint/Office 365 and integrated with proprietary Business Productivity Apps to enhance workforce productivity and organizational agility.

Further, you never have to worry about your data security. All your data resides on Microsoft Azure, which has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. That includes ISO/IEC, CSA/CMM, ITAR, CJIS, HIPAA, IRS1075 to mention a few. Stay relaxed as your security and privacy are embedded into our systems via Azure.

Office 365

For Unparalleled

Hubfly Digital Workplaces are securely integrated with Office 365 to deliver unrivalled collaboration. You will have to login to Hubfly Digital Workplace via Office 365 and instantly you will be presented with a revolutionary workplace, with a seamless UX and a stunning UI. Access your Office 365 files, your mail system, Hubfly business productivity apps all within your Hubfly Digital Workplace. A real Digital Workplace in a box!


Access your SharePoint Sites through the customizable Workspaces menu and find and collaborate on documents from within Hubly.


Catch up and interact with your key social channels directly from Hubfly, with commenting and sharing across communications also powered by Yammer.


Find and work on your OneDrive documents directly within Hufbly, making your document management seamless and simple.


Chat with colleagues using Skype for Business directly from Hufbly profiles, helping users to make use of the tool from a single platform.


Discover documents and people who matter most with Delve integration across the People Directory and Document Management.


Our built-in analytics and reporting is enhanced by PowerBI, allowing you to quickly create great looking reports of your key intranet metrics.

How Hubfly works

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SAAS Model

We provide fully customizable and configurable Intranets on a SAAS model.

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Sharepoint Online

If you have SharePoint online, we can just deploy on top of that

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Data Secured

The data will be safe & secure in Microsoft Azure, the most secure cloud ever!

The ever expanding


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Quick links

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Some of our Business Apps



Business apps are SharePoint add-ons developed to automate a workflow or task. Widgets on the other hand are part of larger applications just acting as a shortcut. Widgets often act as placeholders for links or shortcuts of larger applications. Apps on the other hand are complete tools by themselves that perform the desired action for which they are built.

This is an absence management app to assist with applying leaves. It also allows leave tracking of the team in a concise view. Other stats such as manager approvals, applied leaves of your teammates etc. are shown. Now, you can plan your leaves well in advance.

If you already use a third-party Absence Management tool, that is fine. But managing leaves well within your SharePoint dashboard eliminates the need to login to multiple applications. Also, if you require we can pull data from your existing tool and connect it to our Holiday Request app.

Social Feeds widget get the latest updates from your organization’s social media platform in a single tabbed view. Facebook, Yammer & Twitter updates live in your dashboard without having to login to every platform.

They need not have to keep watch on Social Media to get the corporate updates. Everything is right there under their SharePoint dashboard for a quick view.

Quick Links widget as the name suggests gets easy and quick access to your often-used tools in one place. Don’t worry about manually bookmarking the corporate tools you use. Quick Links widget holds everything right there.

Calendar widget keeps track of all important happenings in your organization. Employees always have access to the upcoming events, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Why should they ever wait for broadcasts from the Communications Team?

People widget helps to search employees by name, employee id, designation and other filters. Get to know more about any employees of your organization.

Tools widget is again a placeholder for the Corporate Admin & HR apps in one single place. You can get access to all our business productivity tools in one place.

No, you can’t add any custom links to Tools widget.

Tools widget as the name suggests holds links to all business productivity tools, the apps Hubfly has packed with SharePoint. Quick Links widget is a means of bookmarking your often-used links. You can’t add any custom links to Tools widget whereas with Quick Links widget that can be done.

This is the widget that occupies the top section of your dashboard broadcasting the recent happenings in your organization. Employees have quick access to the latest corporate news of your organization. A nice way to keep your entire workforce informed.

You get all corporate news that are broadcast by the admins. Mostly every news related to your organization that the management would like to keep their employees updated.

This is a place to welcome new employees on board, say birthday wishes, congratulate employees on their anniversaries or showcase the best performers of the month and much more. You can have everything in this section that you would like to throw a spotlight on.

No, as any other widget only administrators would have access to add Spotlight content. However, employees can request their managers to add anything that is worth showing in the spotlight widget. Managers can decide and if convinced can send a request to the admins.

Events widget will hold information about all the events hosted by your organization. Admins have the option to drip-feed events in advance and they appear based on the dates. This widget will be useful in keeping all your employees informed about upcoming events and showcase the recent events.

Job Posting widget will list all the internal job openings. Employees can refer suitable talents or apply themselves if they find the roles more suitable. Why waste time and money hiring placement agencies, if you can get far better resources with internal employee referrals?

SharePoint Online is integrated with Office 365 which has OneDrive for Business that stores all your files. But if you have quick access to your often-used files and documents well within SharePoint dashboard, will that not look great? Yes, Hubfly Files & Documents widgets just does that.

Get your company’s Stock Ticker live on your dashboard. An indication of how your company is performing. Employees holding your stocks via ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) program would benefit too.

Polls are great means to get genuine feedbacks. The results might even change your overall perception and set you on the right track. Polls can be on any topic, and you can even conduct great market researches with appropriate questions.

Once you vote your polls, the results are displayed instantly. One can have a feel of where they stand and follow-up on the poll results. It expires after a date that your admin has set. But you might get ready for a next interesting poll.

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