Smartest way to Manage your Assets

There is no better way to maintain your organization’s IT and non-IT assets than with Hubfly’s Asset Management App. The app will notify you for asset expiry and renewal, keeps you up to date on the assets procured and lets you book and track assets.

For quick analysis, you can easily sort by asset type, due date etc. and keep track with the organized data. As a manager, you have easy access to view your assets in the My Assets’ tab and your team’s assets in ‘Team Assets’ tab.

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Key Features

Easy Tracking

The dashboard gives you a consolidated view of all the assets in terms of availability, who has booked them along with expiry dates.

Take effective decisions with respect to booking, purchasing, redistributing or disposing off  your asset

  • ‘My Assets’ Tab shows a snapshot of the assets you have direct control of.
  • ‘Team Assets’ Tab is a managerial view of assets under the purview of your team

More Features



Total number of assets requested, Overdue Assets can be viewed on your home screen



Easy ‘Request an Asset’ screen for raising an Asset Request on the go Benefits



Take decision easily whether you need to purchase, redistribute, or dispose of your asset.



Very easy to view and manage assets in an organized manner to help you best utilize the assets


Helps to proactively manage your software licenses, deferring new purchases


Helps avoid penalties with due notifications


RequirementsThis add-on requires one of the following applications
SharePoint online , Office 365


Hubfly Asset Management app is the smartest way to manage and track your organizational hardware and software assets.  It is a great app for the Admin who manages all the assets in the organization. The real time reports aid in effective decisions with respect to booking, purchasing, redistributing or disposing off assets.

It is best suited to be used in-line with Hubfly’s Collaborative Intranet. However, you can download this as a stand-alone app from Microsoft store as well. As our apps are built on top of SharePoint, you will most likely need SharePoint to use our app.

If you already use a third-party Service Request tool, that is fine. But managing all your assets – hardware and software – well within your SharePoint dashboard eliminates the need to log into multiple applications. The app fits into your Intranet dashboard giving you a unified experience.

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