Making Someone's day. One gift at a time.

Here's how we helped a startup bring their idea to life. Real fast.


Branding, UX, UI, Mobile App & Website Development


iOS, Android, Azure PaaS


Flutter, .NET Core, Firebase

A long story, short.

Hugz is a startup who came to Hubfly to build a mobile app that allows anyone to send real life treats like ice cream, burger or beer.

The idea is to revolutionize gifitng, by giving the gift receiver the power of choice in redeeming the gifts. The sender chooses what type of gift to send and receiver redeems the gift at any of hugz partner store of his or her choice.

What was Needed?

A one-stop solution to build everything from branding to development of the apps

To build app supporting both iOS & Android platforms along with the website with the budget constraints in place

'Simple to Use' experience for the sender to send a gift

Faster time to market

The Solutions

A Proven process

With our expertise in building products and with a team of versatile skill sets that you need to build a great digital product, Hubfly made the team available from day one. From UX engineer to the Solution Architect to the Product Egineer, everyone was right there.

Building the right thing

With our understanding of a startup mindset of testing the waters first, we know the importance of building just the right features. We helped hugz to create a perfect MVP(Minimum Viable Product) which was delivered right on time.

Getting the experience right

With multiple user roles involved from the customer to the partners, and being a new way of gifting, its inevitable that the experience has to be the best. We started of with user interactions by doing an on field study, talking to partners and target customers. The result: a simple 5 step process is what it takes to send a gift. And yes, redemption is much simpler.


Making the right choices

With the constraints especially in terms of time and budget, its all about the right technology choices that helps you. From choosing a cloud technology platform for hosting or a software with a single code base for both iOS & Android or building quick integrations like payment gateway, we put our best brains to create a great product.



2 Months

From Ideation to Launch

Less than 30 Secs

To send a gift


Gifts sent in 2 months


Repeating Customers

2000 Users

In 2 months from single city

“I used hugz as a

New Gift solutions.”

Vineed Vincent

Impressive design studio