Lets Roar for Our tigers

The Royal Bengal Tiger is in grave danger of extinction. Our future generations may never get to see this majestic creature if we don’t act now. It’s our call of duty to leave the world in a better state than we found it. We take the onus on us to make a difference, Wild Tiger Rum and its supporters pledge a part of the profits from their respective businesses towards this cause.

WTF works very closely with two Tiger Reserves Wayanad and Sathyamangalam both in Southern India.

Suprej Venkat

Our Founder’s Support to wtf

Give A Chance For Tigers

A tiger sighting is the ultimate reward for anyone on safari in India and when I got an invitation from my childhood friend Gautom to co-found WTF, it was something that was on mind too and a very straight forward decision to be on board. Together with our friends and associates we aim to work alongside with other NGO’s on ground as enablers and do our little bit as responsible citizens.

Lets Keep
Our wild life