Business apps are SharePoint add-ons developed to automate a workflow or task. Widgets, on the other hand, are part of larger applications just acting as a shortcut or as placeholders. Apps are complete tools by themselves, that perform the desired action for which they are built.

This leave management app helps you plan your leaves a lot better with its concise view. It allows you to request leave, track your leave, shows your applied leaves, upcoming holidays, your leave balance, manager approvals and so on with just a few clicks. It also helps the management assess resource availability for projects.

If you already use a third-party Absence Management tool, that is fine. But managing leaves well within your SharePoint dashboard eliminates the need to log into multiple applications. Also, if you require, we can pull data from your existing tool and connect it to our Holiday Request app.

Social Feeds widget gets the latest updates from your organization’s social media platforms, in a single view. Facebook, Yammer & Twitter updates come live to your dashboard so you don’t have to login to each platform.

It helps your employees to stay connected with all the news updates and knowledge resources pertinent to the industry from the different social media platforms of your organization under one widget. It eliminates the need to login to each website individually and get information. What’s more? Your organization becomes more agile in dealing with factors affecting its business environment.

Quick Links widget, as the name suggests, gives quick access to your often-used tools in one place. Don’t worry about manually bookmarking the corporate tools you use. Quick Links widget holds everything right there.

The Calendar widget keeps track of all important happenings in your organization. Employees always have access to upcoming corporate events, work anniversaries, and other celebrations.

The People widget lets you access the entire people directory of your organization. It helps to search employees by name, employee ID, designation and other filters. The widget helps managers plan their employee resources for projects that merit cross functional expertise. Moreover, it fosters better teamwork as you get to know more about any employee in your organization.

The Tools widget is a placeholder for all the Corporate Admin & HR apps in one place. The widget helps you access to all our business productivity tools that let you automate day to day business processes, thereby making the workforce more productive.

No, you can’t add any custom links to Tools widget.

The Tools widget holds links to all business productivity apps that Hubfly has packed with SharePoint, while the Quick Links widget is a means of bookmarking your often-used links. Tools widget does not allow you to add any custom links, but you can add your preferred links to  Quick Links widget.

This is the widget that occupies the top section of your dashboard wherein all the recent happenings in your organization gets highlighted. Employees have quick access to the latest corporate news of your organization as well as the industry they operate in. A nice way to keep your entire workforce informed.

You get all corporate news that are broadcast by the admin. News that is related to your organization, the sector it operates in, relevant research reports published etc. That the management finds essential to keep their employees updated, gets highlighted in this widget.

This widget lets you welcome new employees on board, convey birthday wishes, congratulate employees on their anniversaries or achievements besides showcase the best performers of the month and much more. This widget will pave the way for greater employee engagement in your organization.

No, as is the case with any other widget, only administrators would have access to add content to Spotlight. However, employees can request their managers to add anything that is worth showcasing in the spotlight widget. Managers can send a request to the admin if convinced. Every employee can however respond to the posts on Spotlight.

The Events widget is where information about all the events hosted by your organization gets highlighted. Admins have the option to drip-feed events in advance and they appear based on the dates. This widget will be useful in keeping all your employees informed about upcoming events and showcase the recent events.

The Job Posting widget will list all the internal job openings. Employees can either refer suitable talent or choose to apply for the roles if they find themselves suitable for the roles. Why waste time and money hiring placement agencies, if you can get far better resources with internal employee referrals?

SharePoint Online is integrated with Office 365 which has OneDrive for Business that stores all your files. Will it not be a time saving boon to have quick access to your often-used files and documents well within the SharePoint dashboard? Yes, Hubfly’s Files & Documents widget does just that.

Get your company’s Stock Ticker live on your intranet’s dashboard with the Share price widget. While having your company’s stock prices from exchanges it is listed in gives employees an indication of how your company is performing, employees holding your stocks via ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) program would stand to benefit too.

Streamline your service requests with Hubfly Service Request app. Now, it is easier for your employees to manage and track their service requests, while the admin can work on monitoring and fulfilling the service requests.

Polls are a great means of getting genuine feedback as well as crowdsourcing of opinions facilitating ‘bottom-up’ decision making. The Polls widget lets you conduct polls on any topic. Companies can even conduct great market research with appropriate questions using this powerful widget.

Once you vote, the results are displayed instantly. It expires after a date that has been set by the admin, while you might get ready for a next interesting poll.