What is Hubfly Intranet?

Hubfly Intranet is an Intranet as a Service that empowers your workforce with a dynamic Intranet that is simple, smart and social. It is powerful, easy to deploy, easy to navigate solution that runs on Office 365 and SharePoint. It can be integrated with many productivity tools for communication and collaboration needs.

What are the prerequisites to use Hubfly Intranet?

To use Hubfly Intranet, you must be subscribed to Office 365 with SharePoint. If you need assistance on this, send us an email and our executives will assist you to get it in as little time as possible. Note: Office 365 and SharePoint are paid services from Microsoft.

Do I need specialized hardware/software for using Hubfly Intranet?

No. Unlike for an on-premises intranet, you don't need to buy separately any hardware/software for deploying Hubfly Intranet. To use Hubfly Intranet, you need SharePoint license as part of Office 365.

Can I use Hubfly Intranet in my country?

Hubfly Intranet is available worldwide. You can order services from us by sending an email that includes your geographical location and your contact details.

I own a small business, can I use Hubfly Intranet?

Yes, you can. No business or user is big or small enough not to have Hubfly Intranet. Small business owners will find Hubfly Intranet a cost-effective cloud-based solution that is reliable and highly effective.

Do I need to pay a separate fee for deploying Hubfly Intranet?

We offer Hubfly Intranet as a package and the cost includes the deploying fee. The fee you pay will depend on the number of users and any other special requirements you want. Send us an email and we will send you a quote.

We are an Enterprise-level business, can we use Hubfly Intranet?

Enterprise-level businesses will find Hubfly Intranet a highly effective solution for replacing an existing obsolete on-premises unreliable intranet that is difficult to upgrade or proving to be expensive. Hubfly Intranet is highly suited for enterprise-level businesses because it is upgradable instantly and charges are on per-user basis.

How do I get Hubfly up and running?

Send us an email today in the contact section or request a demo. We will walk you through the features and offer you a customized package for your acceptance. Once you have completed the ordering process, we will take care of the deploying/onboarding process. Your intranet can be up and running in as little as a few hours.

How does the deploying process work?

Deploying Hubfly Intranet is a simple process and can be done in as little as 1 hour. There are 2 methods to deploy.

Method 1: Give us access to your Office 365 tenant and we will deploy it for you.

Method 2: You can use our automated deployment wizard that will deploy Hubfly Intranet to your Office 365 tenant. The package includes a simple manual with instructions for deploying. Just follow the deployment instructions in the manual to get Hubfly Intranet up and running.

How do you support product training?

Product training is provided through: email | Skype | Phone. You can send your request and choose a convenient time to complete the training process. Training can be accomplished in as little as 3 or fewer hours.

Can I watch a live demo of Hubfly Intranet?

Yes. Just click on the "Demo" button in one of our website pages and fix a day and time you consider is convenient for you. On the appointed day and time, we will give you a demo. Here you can request for details, get clarifications or ask the demonstrator any question about Hubfly Intranet. If you want a repeat demo, we can arrange that too. This is a no-obligation demo.

What are the salient features of Hubfly Intranet?

The purpose of our creating Hubfly Intranet is to streamline office work, minimize time spent in answering emails and overall improve employee productivity. We have left no feature out. Features include:

Customized Branding: Change the look and feel of the interface; reposition objects selectively; change skins; change color scheme
Drag and Drop: Drag and Drop to move home page widgets, add or remove widget that you want
News: Post/read internal news; share news with peers
Events: Read/post forthcoming and past events; plan events
Stories/Blogs: Write a story or blog and invite people to read and comment; bookmark a story and read later
Gamification: Make workplace enjoyable; encourage users to present ideas; reward active users; keep track of who is active and who is not; put fun into work place
Praise your peer: Appreciate a good work accomplished; praise your peer, receive praises and accolades
Communities/Team Sites: Create teams, join teams; remove teams; Bring like-minded people together
Document Management: Create/store documents; share your document; comment on document; tag documents for easy retrieval
People Profile: Learn about other users in LinkedIn-style user interface; see their contributions; praises received/given; see badges; engagement score; designation
People directory: Learn about co-workers, search and locate colleagues; introduce yourselves
Polls: Conduct polls; get opinion and comments
Spotlight/Rewards: Highlight your work; get/give rewards; win points for actively participating in teams and meetings
Content Management System (CMS): Create and post content in Hubfly Intranet; easily locate/save your documents securely; give conditional access to users, all without even a basic knowledge of SharePoint
Search: Locate missed documents; search for coworkers; search for content with little effort
Social Hub: Connect with social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and keep track of postings, likes, et cetera
Internal Job Posting: Post job requirements; apply for internal jobs; share your CV/resume; learn about upcoming jobs; recommend a friend for a job
Holiday Calendar: Plan a vacation; know your holidays; announce holidays/tours; request holidays; change holiday plans
Admin Tools: Manage & configure your intranet at ease
Organization Chart: Know who's is who in the organization; locate your bosses and subordinates; access human resources and get assistance; learn about organizational skill sets of coworkers and achievements
Access Control: Manage access to your portal right from the content management system
Content Targeting: Target News & Events based on Departments, Locations & Office 365 Groups
Broadcast: Distribute information across groups/communities/teams; selectively share documents and information; make enterprise-wide announcements
Alerts: Notify individuals; set up time-linked alerts
Notifications: Receive notifications in the notification bar with in the app for all the activities on your content
Push Notification: Receive push notifications in mobile for important updates
Email Template: Create email templates for sales campaigns with rich text and images; create email ID for new users joining the organization
Forums: Start a forum for group discussion; actively participate in forums and give/get answers to issues/concerns
Support: Email support available
Mobile App: Mobile compatibility for iOS & Android and other mobile devices; responsive design; pleasing interface UI/UX
Insights: Read blogs; write blogs; share information within organization
Ideation Management: Write an idea, comment on others' ideas; improve an idea; implement an idea; discuss ideas; document ideas; appreciate an idea; solicit comments on an idea; ask support for ideas; nurture and support others ideas; mentor nascent ideas
Classifieds: Post a product for sale; view/buy products in the classified section; inquire information on posted products; know prices; see who is buying what
Task management: Create task - self/others; request/organize meeting; plan meetings; request a meeting room; invite individuals to meetings; prepare presentations
Workflow Forms: Create forms; edit forms; view filled in forms; fill a form; submit a filled-in form; get an acknowledgement
Task Management app: Create task for self or assign to others; create buckets [on hold, overdue, cancelled...]; drag and drop between buckets; keep track of assignments; monitor assignment and task completion with date and time; et cetera
Workflow automation app: Automatically assign work to groups/individuals; collaborate on projects; create groups; create tasks...

Can I build/add features or apps that are not included in Hubfly Intranet?

Yes, you can add as many features or build new apps as you please and integrate those with Hubfly Intranet. If you need assistance on this, contact us.

What all devices can I use to access Hubfly Intranet?

Hubfly Intranet can be accessed on Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Android and iOS phones and other handheld devices as well. The user interface (UI) is responsive and therefore you will never face compatibility or display problems.

How much time does it take a typical office worker to master the features?

Hubfly Intranet by design is intended to keep the learning curve to its minimum and will remain this way for ever. Office workers can master all features in as little as 3 or fewer hours because it is mostly intuitive and self-explanatory. You can any time request online training for a fee.

Can I request additional features and apps?

Yes, you can, but in most instances, you will not need it though because we took the care to ensure that you get the best of all features included in Hubfly Intranet. We can still develop apps for an additional fee and integrate the same with Hubfly Intranet in case you think it is required.

Is Hubfly Intranet updated and new features added regularly?

Hubfly Intranet comes to you from a software solutions company that values dynamic research and development. We will upgrade/add features as and when it is released. As our customer, you get access to upgrades on a regular basis.

Do I have to pay separately for future release features/apps and product updates?

No, you are not required to pay for new features or product updates. New features/apps and product updates related to Hubfly Intranet will be delivered as and when a stable version is available. From time to time we will also release beta versions that you can try.

What are the pricing options you offer?

We love to give our patrons the lowest price ever, even as we stick to the highest quality standards. Our price for Hubfly Intranet depends on:

  • The number of users for your account
  • The period for which you commit to avail services
  • Special training requests, if any
  • Special customization requests, if any
  • Any special request for apps and features
  • Any other requirement

We will appreciate if you will send us a request for quote along with your requirements.

Do I need to buy a Hubfly Intranet license for each user in our organization who is subscribed to Office 365?

No, you don't have to buy Hubfly Intranet licenses for all your users subscribed to Office 365. We offer licenses in different slabs such as 1-50, 51-100 or more user licenses. Send us a request for quote and we will respond at the earliest.

Can I try Hubfly Intranet before I buy it?

We have great faith in the intranet we have developed. If yours is a small business or a startup; and you have 49 or fewer users, then you can try Hubfly Intranet for free for a full year. This is a first-year only offer for new customers.

What happens after the first-year-free Hubfly Intranet trial subscription ends?

At the end of the trial period, you will have explored all the Hubfly Intranet features and like with most of our customers, your office productivity will have improved manifold and you will want to continue. This is the time to request us for a competitive quote, contract, pay and continue to experience the Hubfly Intranet advantage with additional features not originally included in the first-year-free offer.

Do I have to wait until the end of first-year-free trial offer subscription to migrate to a feature-rich enterprise paid plan?

You can any time migrate to enterprise paid plan and begin to enjoy additional features. Most customers begin to experience the advantages of Hubfly Intranet from day one and want to subscribe for the enterprise plan and not wait for the trial offer to end.

What happens to the data if I choose not to migrate to an enterprise plan or want to end my free plan?

Your data remains your property for eternity. At no point of time (in free or enterprise plan) we capture or store your business data. In fact, the only thing you will not be able to use is the Hubfly Intranet Skin and the features we gave you. As usual, all your data resides in your Office 365 tenant that you have subscribed from Microsoft.

Whether Hubfly access any of my business data?

Absolutely no. Your data is stored in your Office 365 tenant (Microsoft).