A fully-loaded Digital Workplace with endless features

Give a custom look, share documents enterprise-wide, create communities, connect and form teams, discuss ideas...

All this without any SharePoint knowledge

Make your Intranet your Brand Ambassador

Customizing your intranet is a child's play for us because we are experts in SharePoint. We can include additional apps and widgets as per your requirement if you want.

Hubfly Intranet is multi device capable

Hubfly is a multi-device intranet with a pleasant responsive design feature. It will work seamlessly with Android and iOS phones and save you from spending endless hours sitting before your PC. Our intranet will give you true mobility.

Ever-fresh Intranet

With Hubfly Intranet, your intranet is fool-proofed from going stale. It is the only intranet with drag and drop capabilities that can be used to change the UI (User Interface) appearance any time you want.

Easy Customization

We know you want a unique identity that you can call yours. Hubfly Intranet is tuned to do this. Customize it and not even the savviest eye can tell that there is SharePoint running in the background.

Features in a Nutshell

Everything that we offer is transparent unlike the competition that have hidden costs.
Transparency and simple pricing is our hallmark.

Customized Branding

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Change the look and feel of the interface; Reposition objects selectively; Change skins; Change colour scheme.

Drag and Drop

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Drag and Drop to move home page widgets; Add or Remove widgets as per your wish .


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Post/read internal news; share news with peers.


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Read/post forthcoming and past events; plan events.


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Write a story or blog and invite people to read and comment; bookmark a story and read later.


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Make workplace enjoyable; Encourage users to present ideas; Reward active users; Keep track of who is active and who is not.

Praise your Peer

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Appreciate a good work accomplished; praise your peer, receive praises and accolades.


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Create teams, join teams; remove teams; Bring like-minded people together.