Find some great deals around. Typical classifieds ads exclusively for your employees where they can buy, sell, giveaway, exchange products from their peers.

Let’s do some good trade!

An internal marketplace where you might get some exciting deals, a place to buy, sell, rent, giveaway or exchange products. Having trade relationships with somebody who you can trust makes you feel relaxed. Planning to upgrade your gadgets? Looking for a companion to accommodate in your PG room? Want to rent your car? Share your fuel expenses on a weekend journey? What else you can think of? You can post everything here in the classifieds and get some trustworthy people giving their hands on the other side.


A time to go treasure hunt?

You could find some great deals at a bargain. Save a good sum of money and buy quality products / services. If you have offices at multiple locations, irrespective of the location where you’re in, pick up the deals and have great time. You could even end up building some engaging relationships. Click open your classifieds section to find the listings page, that you can sort based on category, sort by most viewed, or filter out the most engaged listing based on the interactions etc.