Find all your documents, related documents and company-wide documents in one place. The interactive search with advanced features lets you fetch the files you need.

Enhanced Security, Easy Retrieval, Better Collaboration

Your organization might have terabytes of data and fetching required files on time might be a tough row to hoe. Employees waste a lot of their productive hours searching for relevant documents. But that will not be the case anymore when you use Hubfly Document Manager. With a neat UI and a tabbed interface for easy lookup of ‘My Documents’, ‘Related Documents’ and ‘Company Wide’ documents, fetching any file is made easy.


Easy File Management

The Advanced filter on the left nav lets you set filters by File Type, Name, Modified Date etc. With all your Office 365 files in OneDrive cloud, your files are fetched on the go. The ultimate tool to handle your organization’s data.

The focus of a Document Management tool is safe & secure storage of your organization’s files and easy retrieval on demand. Hubfly Document Manager just does that. Easily fetch any files at the click of a mouse!