You have a user friendly and feature rich Intranet. But what if your employees don’t use it? We have gamified the Intranet for better engagement.

The ultimate employee engagement!

A long day at the desk could be enough to drain even the most energetic employee, regardless of how engaging their work might be. Solution: Add elements of engagement and entertainment to your Intranet and make it more social. An Intranet designed with a ‘social’ cohabitation is sure to make it more successful.

The gamification aspect let everybody willfully participate in forums, contribute to blogs, help others by answering the questions raised in communities and so on. It is exiting for them to see them climbing the leaderboard and getting raving reviews and appreciation from their peers for their valuable contribution.


Content Creation in the hands of your staff

Content is what makes your Intranet useful, informative and engaging. And if you can make your employees do the content creation themselves, the evolution looks natural. You might not know how much potential you can get from your staff. If you put the content creation in the hands of your employees, everything changes.

Some of your staffs might be feeling that they don’t have any opportunity to contribute. No more with Hubfly intranet powered with engagement features. Making employees contribute with creating blogs and wikis is the best way to get the most out of your Intranet.