Ideas have revolutionized the world. Nurture ideas with the help of your workforce and foster an environment to get your employees more creative. Fire the imagination!

Creativity based performance

Creativity research suggests that process (ideation), management (guidance) and intrinsic motivation all play key roles in driving creativity and innovation in organizations. Hubfly ideation will guide your employees towards a creativity-based performance.

A guided ideation process will increase the return on creativity in your organization. Innovation and problem solving gets better with Ideation. Hubfly Ideation feature helps stimulating creativity, generating and capturing ideas. It is now super easy for you to engage relevant expertise and evaluate new concepts with the help of your employees. Some great ideas, if implemented successfully will result in both organizational and business benefits.


Improved visibility and focus

During an idea submission, people should preferably have access to all existing ideas. Hubfly offers an integrated environment to provide access to information. In case an idea is considered for development, it is important that people should be able to stay connected with their idea. This will in turn require organizational flexibility to allow people the freedom to follow their idea and participate.