Perfect tool to measure your Intranet usage statistics. Gain organizational usage insights and see where the most engagement happens. Analytics redefined!

Drive adoption with meaningful insights

Hubfly Intelligence unveils some interesting usage statistics, everything right from total users, active users, total visits, the device from where your people login, the browsers they use and much more. Intelligence is Google Analytics for your Intranet. This single tool will let you know how much your Intranet is engaged and give you insights to improve user engagement.


Intranet Engagement gauged!

Hubfly Intelligence neatly showcases which app gets the most user engagement based on a scores algorithm. Neat graphical representations for a picturesque interpretation. You will now know where your employees are most engaged. Stories, Ideation, Communities or Praise.

Also, the Intelligence dashboard shows you a Leaderboard with the most influential user on the top. The employees who contributes and engages more with your Intranet are listed in the leaderboard. Also, a section for most popular users which comes based on the most number of profile views one gets!