Keep your employees on top of everything with timely official news updates. Interesting and engaging news for your workforce.

We’ve got some good news!

Broadcast your organization news in seconds. Let your news reach the maximum employees instantly. News delivered straight to their dashboards, where they can not only read, but also share and engage.

You could choose to publish news to a specific segment. Why would all employees see a news that is specific to HR department? This targeted delivery feature enables pushing news content that is relevant & engaging.


Keep employees on top of everything!

Publish regular updates via your News channel and keep your employees informed and engaged. Every news right from Message from CEO, Organizational Changes, New Leaders on-boarding and so on.

The News widget on the homepage with sliders makes the overall Intranet homepage useful and exciting. Admins could easily publish news via a browser or the native Mobile App that comes with Hubfly Intranet.