Search your employees by name, department, skillset and get complete profile details including their contact details, current projects etc. Compare profiles, wisely manage your resources.

Employee’s profile, like never before!

The profile page lets you search for employee’s, read their skillsets, number of years of experience, the projects they are currently in, their ratings and much more.

There might be many reasons for you to look for your employee data. Everything from just fetching their contact details to accessing their current projects, you have every information neatly outlaid in the profile widget.


Get to know your colleagues

Suppose, as a project manager one might be looking for a skilled resource to meet their project deadline. They can click open Profile widget and look for resources with specified skillsets, and if they are on the free pool or already associated with other projects. How easy it is to find a suitable resource?

You can better manage your resources, get to know your peers, subordinates and supervisor’s information at the click of a mouse.