Technology Insights, upcoming features, new trends straight from your corporate blog. Connect people to your brand, create opportunities for sharing!

Create stories together!

How about your employees starting blogs on wide range of topics? Anything from travel, fitness, food, technical, personal development or any such topic under the sun. Let them create useful content and keep the rest of the workforce engaged and informed. Blogs driven by employees themselves are sure to create more engagement. Sharing is caring and the spirit if rightly engrossed by your employees could do wonders to your organization. Offer a platform for them to create and share stories together.


Let’s make a difference

Some employees lean towards building a community and help others sharing their knowledge. That kind of employees are your real assets. They help make a difference. The story boards aka blogs are great means to build awareness, offer support to your peers and share your insights. Let your employees build their own professional network. Let’s together make a difference.