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200+ users

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Customized Branding i Change the look and feel of the interface; Reposition objects selectively; Change skins; Change colour scheme
Drag and Drop i Drag and Drop to move home page widgets; Add or Remove widgets as per your wish
News i Post / read internal news; Share news with peers
Events i Read / post forthcoming and past events; Plan events
Stories/Blogs i Write a story or blog and invite people to read and comment; Bookmark a story so as to read later
Gamification i Make workplace enjoyable; Encourage users to present ideas; Reward active users; Keep track of who is active and who is not; Put fun into work place
Praise your peer i Appreciate a good work accomplished; Praise your peer; Receive praises and accolades
Communities/Team Sites i Create teams; Join teams; Remove teams; Bring like minded people together
Document Management i Create / store documents; Share your documents; Comment on documents; Tag documents for easy retrieval
People Profile i Learn about other users with a LinkedIn-style user interface; See their contributions, Praises received / given; See badges; Engagement score & Designation
People directory i Learn about co-workers; Search and locate colleagues; Introduce and interact amongst yourselves
Polls i Conduct polls; Get opinions and comments
Spotlight/Rewards   i Highlight your work; Get / give rewards; Win points for actively participating withing teams and during meetings
Content Management System (CMS) i Create and post content in Hubfly Intranet; Easily locate / save your documents securely; Give conditional access to users;
Search i Locate missed documents; Search for co-workers; Search for content with little effort
Social Hub i Connect with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn; keep track of postings, likes etc
Internal Job Posting i Post job requirements; Apply for internal jobs; Share your CV / resume; Learn about upcoming jobs; Refer an acquiantance for a job vacancy
Holiday Calendar i Know your holidays; Plan a vacation; Announce holidays / tours; Request holidays; Change holiday plans
Administration Tools i Manage / configure your intranet at effortlessly
Organization Chart i Know who's is who in the organization; Locate your bosses and subordinates; Access human resources and get assistance; Learn about organizational skill sets of coworkers and achievements
Access Control i Manage access to your portal right from the content management system
Content Targeting i Target News & Events based on Departments; Locations & Office 365 Groups
Broadcast i Distribute information across groups / communities / teams; Selectively share documents and information; Make enterprise-wide announcements
Alerts i Notify individuals; Set up time-linked alerts
Notifications i Receive notifications in the notification bar within the app for all the activities on your content
Email Template i Create email templates for sales campaigns with rich text and images; Create email ID for new users joining the organization
Forums i Start a forum for group discussion; Actively participate in forums and give / get answers to issues / concerns
Support i Email support available
Mobile App i Mobile compatiblity for iOS, Android and other mobile devices; Responsive design; Appealing interface UI / UX
Push Notification i Receive push notifications in mobile for important updates
Insights i Read / write blogs; Share information within organization
Ideation Management i Write an idea; Comment on others ideas; Improve an idea; Implement an idea; Discuss ideas; Document ideas; Appreciate an idea; Solicit comments on an idea; Ask support for ideas; Nurture and support others ideas; Mentor nascent ideas
Classifieds i View / buy products in the classified section; Post a product for sale; Enquire information on products posted; Know prices; See who is buying what 

Business Apps

Task Management i Create task for self or assign / delegate to others; Create buckets [on hold, over due, cancelled...]; Drag and drop between buckets; Keep track of assignments; Monitor assignments and task completion with date and time
Workflow automation i Automatically assign work to groups / individuals; Collaborate on projects; Create groups; Create tasks
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