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Asset Management

There is no better way to maintain inventory of your organization’s IT and non-IT assets than with Hubfly Asset Management.

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Leave Management

SharePoint is great for Absence Management. Get access to the company-wide Holiday planner.

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Hubfly Meeting Room Booking comes with a stunning UI, with an impressive UX that allows booking a room in just few clicks.

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Service Desk

Streamline your service request management with Hubfly Service Desk app. Now, it is easier for your employees to track their service requests.

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Timesheet Management

Hubfly Timesheet, a sleek app with a gorgeous UI that helps not only track but also, plan and manage your employee’s time.

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Business Productivity Apps are a collection of custom apps developed by Hubfly to automate daily business processes which results in time related cost savings besides enhance workforce productivity for organizations. Hubfly’s Dynamic Intranet comes integrated with 5 powerful business productivity apps –  Leave Management, Timesheet Management, Asset Management, Meeting Room Booking and Service Desk

Absolutely. We have an in-house SharePoint development team with great domain expertise. Hubfly endeavors to keep building intelligent business apps tailored to the requirements of every industry as well as customized to a client’s requirements. We will be looking to integrate new apps into our Intranet offering on a periodic basis.

Congratulations on your decision! How about setting the ball rolling by calling us or emailing us your requirements? We will present you a choice of plans and mutually agree on the deadlines to start the deployment.

We have designed our collaborative intranet platform keeping non-technical employees in mind. No prior experience of SharePoint is required to either add content to our intranet or to make effective use of our business productivity apps. Hubfly empowers your workforce with a Dynamic Intranet that is simple, smart and social, and therefore high on engagement. Its customized UI, a seamless UX and access to all enterprise tools in one place lets the workforce to communicate and collaborate more effectively to get work done.

Yes, but that depends on the level of customizations you might need. If you are perfectly fine with the default deployment we provide, you will not incur any extra setup costs. In most cases, the Hubfly SharePoint we deploy will not require any additional customizations.

The Hubfly intranet is deployed on SharePoint as a SaaS model. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will lose access to SharePoint.

Yes, absolutely. At any point of time you can either upgrade or downgrade your plan depending on your changing requirements. You will however have to  retain the existing plan until the close of the current billing cycle.

Yes. You can enjoy cash back on each referral you provide us with. However, there will be no changes to the monthly subscription you pay.

Your data is stored in Microsoft Network of Data Centres, strategically located to enable business continuity, disaster recovery etc. SharePoint now supports TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) connection which provides complete privacy and data integrity. You need not worry about your data safety anymore.

We already have 3 unique themes which can be easily customized further with different color combinations and layout of our widgets. In case you need any additional customizations, our platform is flexible enough to integrate any new functionalities you’d desire which can be specifically conveyed to us.

Well, the greatest thing about Hubfly’s Dynamic Intranet which is a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution is that it can be deployed within a matter of hours. You could just add content and go live instantly.
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