EASY FILE MANAGEMENT Enhanced Security, Easy Retrieval, Better Collaboration

Your organization might have terabytes of data and fetching required files on time might be a tough row to hoe. Employees waste a lot of their productive hours searching for relevant documents. But that will not be the case anymore when you use Hubfly Document Manager. With a neat UI and a tabbed interface for easy lookup of ‘My Documents’, ‘Related Documents’ and ‘Company Wide’ documents, fetching any file is made easy.

The Advanced filter on the left nav lets you set filters by File Type, Name, Modified Date etc. With all your Office 365 files in OneDrive cloud, your files are fetched on the go. The ultimate tool to handle your organization’s data.

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Key Features


The focus of a Document Management tool is safe & secure storage of your organization’s files and easy retrieval on demand. Hubfly Document Manager just does that. Easily fetch any files at the click of a mouse!


  • Advanced search filters to fetch any files on the go
  • Search by File Type, File Name, Modified Date, etc.
  • Tabbed view of ‘My Documents’, ‘Related Documents’ & ‘Company Wide’ documents
  • Eliminates physical storage and the cost required to maintain

More Features

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Tight integration with OneDrive cloud makes it easy to access your work files anytime. Automated tabbed interface lets you access My Documents, Related Documents etc. easily

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Lower Costs

You could save a fortune by dealing all your records digitally over time. The amount of money Hubfly Document Manager could save would be impressive.

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Saves Time

Today’s professional world demands everything ‘instantaneous’. Ignoring this is the quickest way to get behind. Hubfly DM fetches you any file you need at the click of your mouse.



Minimizes the unproductive hours spent in searching for files and documents

With Air-tight cloud security, all your digital assets are safe and secure

Efficient Green Practice. Going green is everywhere making it not just a trend, but a necessity for the ecosystem


Increases your employees’ productivity by helping them focus on more productive work than searching for files

SharePoint by default comes with robust indexing of documents that takes management of your digital assets to the next level


RequirementsThis add-in requires one of the following applications
SharePoint online , Office 365


Hubfly Document Manager is a business app that comes bundled with Hubfly Digital Workplace. This is a simple tool to manage your digital files on the cloud. With a neat and organized UI, you have access to most often used files right from your dashboard. The advanced filter lets you fetch any files you need based on Filename, Filetype etc.

Hubfly Document Manager is just an interface that will let you fetch the files that are present in your Office 365 cloud. With an Office 365 subscription you can have access to Microsoft Office tools and collaboration services from virtually anywhere, and that includes OneDrive cloud storage where your files are stored.

Statistics say that most of employee’s productive hours are spent on unproductive tasks like checking to and fro mails, searching for files, excessive meetings and so on. Searching for files is a great interruption at work. Hubfly Document Manager is all set to eliminate this and get you the files you need in seconds.

No, the Hubfly Document Manager comes packed with our Digital Workplace and if you are planning to implement our Intranet solutions, you get this app at no extra cost.

You could just schedule a demo on your comfortable timings by visiting www.hubfly.com/request-demo/.

All your data is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is not only HIPAA compliant but lot other compliances too. For a complete list of compliance offerings, please visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/compliance/complianceofferings

Yes, we do have a Partner Reseller program. Please visit www.hubfly.com/partners/ for more information.

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