NAIL YOUR PROJECTS with Hubfly Task Management

Managing multiple projects could be painful, especially when you don’t have an effective tool in place. Hubfly Task Management app is a comprehensive solution that combines every feature a task management app should ideally have. Projects, tasks, deadlines, RAG (Red Amber Green) status and much more for managing your projects on the go.

We have made this app sleek and simple for the Project Mangers to have a quick review of ongoing projects. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And we have simplified the user experience as much as we can.

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Key Features


Hubfly Task Management has an exquisite interface with options to create Tasks, sub Tasks for each project, Create Clients and gets integrated with our Timesheet app so the hours spent on each task/project are automatically logged here. You could at any point in time be on top of every single project that is ongoing. Easily view the status of yours and your team’s projects.


  • Create unlimited Projects and plan sub Tasks for each
  • Set Priorities for each project so that you could focus on the urgent ones
  • Profile pic of Task Owner so you could easily know who is working on what

More Features

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View ‘My Tasks’ and ‘My Team Tasks’ separately so you know what your priorities are as well as your team’s.

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Options to add one or multiple owners to each task. Profile picture of those owners appears against each task.

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Easily know the Estimated, Remaining and Burned time for each task. Add checklists, Move or Copy tasks between projects.



Helps increase quality and manage your projects better. Automatically leads to greater productivity


Efficient management of projects helps you in assessing the risks and warns you in time, even before you start working on any project


Smart management of project enables client/manager relationship to flourish


Enhances the overall efficiency in delivering services. Your experience managing projects with Hubfly Project Manager gets better over time


The good thing about Hubfly Task Management is its ultimate flexibility. Allows you to firmly map your strategies on project planning


RequirementsThis add-in requires one of the following applications
SharePoint online , Office 365


Hubfly Task Management is a business app that helps to initiate, plan, execute projects more efficiently. This is integrated with our Timesheet app so it automatically logs the time spent on each task / project. This app comes with all the required features for effective task management. You can create unlimited tasks/projects, assign owners, set priorities, get insights and much more.

Yes, we have a free 14-day trial of our Digital Workplace and Task Management is part of that. You could sign up at our website and try all our apps including Task Management for free.

Yes, you can easily change the Project Owner from the settings tab at any time.

Yes, Hubfly Task Management tool lets you add or remove any resource from a specified task any time during the life cycle of the Project.

As our Digital Workplace solutions reside on cloud, you don’t have to worry about manually updating your software or apps. Whenever an update is available, the updates are automatically delivered and in most cases, you never know that an update has been run.

No. All future updates to the app will be free until you are subscribed to Hubfly Digital Workplace. We not only do not charge for any updates, but we deliver all forthcoming business apps for free.

You could just schedule a demo on your comfortable timings by visiting

All your data is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is not only HIPAA compliant but lot other compliances too. For a complete list of compliance offerings, please visit

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Yes, you can purchase only this app. Contact us at  for more details.

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