Make Your Day productive Effective Time Management

Time Management can’t get any better! Hubfly Timesheet, a sleek app with a gorgeous UI helps not only to track but also, to plan and manage the time of your employees ensuring better resource management and billing for projects undertaken.

With Hubfly Timesheet, you don’t feel the additional burden to capture your time. The neat graphical analytics shows every team member the time spent on each project on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Moreover, employees can classify their entries basis billable or non-billable projects.

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Key Features


A consolidated view of all your projects in the Dashboard gives an overall view so that you focus on only those projects in the alarm zone.

  • Add any number of custom projects for you to track project-wise time spent
  • Classify time entries for projects as billable or non-billable
  • An easy ‘Copy from Last Week’ button to copy the time sheet logged for any of the previous weeks, so you can just make few edits and submit for current week

More Features


Project Billability

Easy Yes/No options to log if a project/task is billable or non-billable


Absence Status

Easy to choose options, if you are ‘On Leave’, ‘On Holiday’ for days of absence in your time sheet


Graphical Analytics

Advanced graphical analytics for the time spent in projects, date wise split-up to more to manage your projects more efficiently.


With effective analytics, you will now know the hours spent on each task.


Managers can easily have a track of the time the team has spent


Helps to forecast an estimate of time that will be required for future projects


RequirementsThis add-in requires one of the following applications
SharePoint online , Office 365


Hubfly Timesheet is a sleek app with a gorgeous UI that helps not only track but also, plan and manage the time of your employees ensuring better resource management and billing for projects undertaken.

It is best suited to be used in-line with Hubfly’s Collaborative Intranet. However, you can download this as a stand-alone app from Microsoft store as well. As our apps are built on top of SharePoint, you will most likely need SharePoint to use our app.

If you already use a third-party Timesheet tool, that is fine. But managing your Timesheets well within your SharePoint dashboard eliminates the need to log into multiple applications. Our app seamlessly integrates with your Intranet and gives you a unified experience.

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