AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS With Hubfly Workflow Automation

Finally, a business process management (BPM) tool for Microsoft SharePoint. Create infinite workflow forms to automate your business applications on the go. You could easily choose one from our default templates ranging from Service Desk, Travel Request, Travel Reimbursement, Mileage Reimbursement, Visitor pass etc. or create your own Workflow Automation.

You have the option to even configure our default forms by customizing the approval workflows to your needs. Automating your business gets exciting with a simple drag & drop feature and a friendly interface.

Workflow Forms workflow automation tool Sharepoint workflow forms

Key Features


Hubfly Designer lets you create customized Workflow Forms in the simplest way possible. There is no better way to automate your business processes. Come give a try, and you will fall in love with Hubfly Workflow Forms.

  • Easily automate every workflow you could think of
  • The best Workflow automation platform for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Choose from one of the existing Forms and customize it to your needs

More Features



Create unlimited Workflow Forms from scratch that are completely customizable to your needs



Easy drag & drop designer window to get things done without any technical expertise. Hassle free Workflow automation



Generate tailor-made reports in your dashboard, eliminating the need for any analytics tool or spreadsheet for further dig down



Minimizes cost by enhancing collaboration within teams and completing projects within budget.


Make your business agile. You can change the workflows on the fly. Reuse and customize every workflows you create

Workflow automation helps identify process bottlenecks and helps with continuous business process improvement


Performance tracking & reporting made easy. You never have to depend on spreadsheets and complicated analytics


RequirementsThis add-on requires one of the following applications
SharePoint online , Office 365


Hubfly Workflow automation consists of a form that collects data, a workflow for the data to follow, appropriate security permissions to make sure only the right people have access to data, reports, and global settings that control the app behavior. This is a BPM (Business Process Management) automation tool for Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365.

Well, BPM is actually intended for ‘business people’ rather than ‘technical people’. Even setting up a Workflow using our BPM tool is not ‘techy’ and can be done with a simple drag and drop interface and few settings screens. So, you don’t need to be techy to use this app.

Using Hubfly Workflow automation can ensure that standard procedures are followed for your day-to-day activities and also help manage your soft and hard resources that are relevant to the chosen activity. Also, this could eliminate all the paperwork involved and thus eliminates the mess of storing the loads of documents for future reference. Your employees could focus on their core tasks instead of running in circles looking for the right person to get the right information they need.

Hubfly offers Workflow automation for Service Request, Travel Request, Travel Reimbursement, Mileage Reimbursement, Visitor pass which are the most common one’s organizations use. However, if you need a custom form to be developed you could write to us at

We can deliver it in 7 days from the time of getting all the complete requirements from you.

Absolutely No, unless you need a custom Workflow Form to be developed, which in case will incur a one-time development fee.

You could just schedule a demo on your comfortable timings by visiting

All your data is hosted in Microsoft Azure which is not only HIPAA compliant but certified by lot other compliance offerings too. For a complete list of compliance offerings, please visit

Yes, we do have a Partner Reseller program. Please visit for more information.

Yes, you can purchase only this app. Contact us at for more details.

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